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"My own dim life should teach me this,
that life shall live for evermore,
else earth is darkness at the core,
And dust and ashes all that is." -Tennyson

How do you help a parent deal with their child getting their first B ever? Apparently this is a Very Big Deal to the mom and to the daughter. Mom asked if I could give the child extra credit (which is against school policy to give, so that’s out of the picture) because mom has to go to many doctor’s appointments for health issues. While I know this is true and important, I do not believe it should merit an exception to the rule. (Please keep in mind I went through school while losing my eyesight, so I know a bit about working with school and health at the same time.)

This parent is a good hearted parent who is genuinely upset about her child’s grade and truly seems to think there’s a way to bring it up. Grades for this nine weeks cut off on December 22, though.

How can I break this news to her in the best way?

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  1. nymcupcakes answered: Compliment her on her involvement in her childs education. Then break the news and say she has all year to raise is and discuss strategies.
  2. benotprouddeath answered: Did you tell them before the 22 Dec deadline that she was getting a B? Just tell her exactly what you told us.
  3. teachinginthemiddle answered: what grade? we remind the middle schoolers that the grade is about responsibility more than achievement/knowledge & doesnt count for high sch
  4. yer-a-wizard-megan answered: Sounds like she’s a bit of a Lucius Malfoy parent…
  5. grayer answered: I wouldn’t belittle their concern. I’d phrase it as more of a “how can we set groundwork so the score can improve for next time.”
  6. itsssnix answered: Call or talk in person?
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