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"My own dim life should teach me this,
that life shall live for evermore,
else earth is darkness at the core,
And dust and ashes all that is." -Tennyson

A student got demerits in my class a few days ago for mimicking “humping” in my room. Apparently he’s been acting out in other classes, too.

His dad comes to the school to discuss this.

He tells the vice principal, and I quote, “He and Ms. GiGi must just not like each other, because she always gives him demerits and she gave him a C.”

"She gave him a C."

(Also, I haven’t given him more than one demerit this semester, and that’s for the action mentioned above.)

This is a full-grown adult thinking that I “give” grades on a whim, and if I like you, you’ll get an A. If I don’t like you, you get… a C?

Wait, people actually think this stuff? You think your kid’s grades are based on how liked he is?

Okay, your kid makes poor choices sometimes and that’s why he’s got the grade he does. He spends his time unwisely instead of doing his job. Whether I like him or not is entirely irrelevant.

I am appalled that an adult would feel this way. How do you even respond to that?

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  3. ebilgatoloco answered: I wish I had an answer for you - Parents never want to see the truth. You live, learn, and let go.
  4. mshannabellhorsegrl answered: Reminds me of what my own dad would have said. He’s a door knob though haha
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  7. teachinginthemiddle answered: You say no, this grade was low because he failed to do X, yadda yadda. Hold the student accountable. Hold parents accountable.
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  12. meganb120 answered: As a teacher I guess you just have to explain the situation to the parent as to why in polite fashion, but they are just in denial
  13. amobileromance answered: The headache of being a teacher. It’s sad that most often the parents are to blame because they half ass raise their kids
  14. muggsmax answered: I’m suprised you haven’t run into this problem before since in the minds of many parents their kids can do no wrong. Just do what you do bes
  15. durrtylove answered: Honestly, I think that parents will fight to the death for there child, even though, If I did that, I wouldn’t be alive!!
  16. game-abuse answered: Send the parent to detention. Tell him ‘This is because I don;t like you’ - then ask if he can tell the difference :)
  17. nudist-teach answered: I might not be an adult, but even as a student, I know thats messed up. That is not true!
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  19. goldenchilddreams answered: lol u act like u know walk in his shoes first and dont make a big deal on the little things i hate people like you
  20. daughterofdungeonbat answered: maybe show exact grade reports? Like, exactly where the student lost points?
  21. mil-e-uma-n-o-i-t-e-s answered: that’s a horrible thing because she has no right to grade the feeling that she has the student, but rather by the ability dele.de got that no
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  23. fooyayoigrohlisgod answered: yeap! and once they grow up they blame the system.
  24. itseamedright answered: i would make a relevant comparison of work ethics in adulthood to his current behaviour, thus putting the parent in a comparable perspective
  25. themagnificentrantsofjoe answered: However ignorant this man may be, he may be joking. Perhaps he is in denial about his sons behavior. Some people do not listen to reason.