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"My own dim life should teach me this,
that life shall live for evermore,
else earth is darkness at the core,
And dust and ashes all that is." -Tennyson

After a quiz today that will not be going in the gradebook, I’ve learned that my 5th graders really, really, really do not understand what an adverb is meant to be used for.

Any ideas on how to teach adverbs? Like, why we would use them, why we don’t want to use them too much, and just plain how to remember what they DO?

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  1. betheteacheryouloved answered: An adverb “adds” information about a verb.
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    I learned the Shurley Method when I was in fifth grade and it came with jingles that the whole class recited. The adverb...
  3. amysuelou answered: They almosy always end in -ly, and tell how something in the sentence was done: noisily, hastily, whole-heartedly, quickly, lovely,
  4. theannotatedbibliography answered: Adjectives say what something (a noun) is like. Adverbs answer the “how” question. How does someone run? Someone runs slowly.
  5. awellfittedname answered: I just taught adverbs in Spanish today. They add information about the action. :)
  6. craigariathy1 answered: Sean, you are rocking some boats. I love it.
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  8. tolove-andlogic answered: best grammar tool is definitely schoolhouse rock.
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    Reblogging because this is a really cool idea! Especially because my kids LOVE any theater-type stuff… as in where they...
  10. broocrew answered: I’m not an educator but I can remember as a kid, playing Mad Libs helped me learn and remember what adverbs do and are.
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    Were their mistakes mostly grammatical or semantic? Like, did they struggle mostly with adverb placement in the sentence...
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    I once worked with a teacher that played a game called “In The Name of the Adverb”. Students were given a verb, such as...
  13. mikiwaswong answered: Adverbs describe the verb….? It describes the action?